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PPDD’s 1st Annual Slim Skatey Memorial Build for Habitat for Humanity


On February 28, 2020, Pikes Peak Derby Dames member, Crystal Roti, affectionately known to us as Slim Skatey, died suddenly in a tragic accident. Slim was a beloved member of PPDD, who had only just begun to make her mark on our league, and our hearts. Our members were still processing the devastating loss of our derby sister as the pandemic took over the world, preventing us from properly memorializing her like we wanted to at the time.

Now, as we’re finally able to slowly get back to doing what we love most (devoting our lives to PPDD and roller derby), we’re excited to announce the first Annual PPDD Slim Skatey Memorial Habitat for Humanity Build. On September 25th, PPDD members will be volunteering for Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity and working on the construction of a home in their Sand Creek complex. This development will “help families build strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter,” by providing 30 affordable homes to deserving homeowners in the Pikes Peak region.

You can contribute to our build by donating at, and directing your donation to “The Ridge at Sand Creek Neighborhood in Colorado Springs.” If you’d also like to dedicate your donation to Slim Skatey, check the “Dedicate this gift” box, select the “In Memory” dedication type, and type in “Crystal Roti/Slim Skatey.”

While we’ll sadly never get to know what Slim might have accomplished on or off the track, we hope to continue her legacy and honor her memory with this annual day of giving back to our community in her name. Continue reading to learn more about Slim, and read some of our members’ thoughts and memories that were collected shortly after her passing.

About Slim Skatey #21

It feels impossible to find the words to describe Slim and what she meant to us as individuals and as a league as a whole.

Slim was easily recognized on the track by her black and green skates, long braided hair and the large “21” on her back. Known for her agile moves and amazing hockey stops, it was a pleasure to watch her skate and to skate alongside her. While with the Pikes Peak Derby Dames, Slim was recruited to the Danger Dolls as her home team and was working hard at becoming an active member of the Slamazons. Derby and skating were her passions and they ran deep⎯everything she did reflected her love of the sport. Always one of the first players at practice, her love and dedication to the craft was obvious to all around her.

Slim was a teacher and a student, willing to help and receive help on and off the track. She could break down derby moves into a science, making them feel obtainable to anyone she was helping, and she helped so many. She wanted everyone to succeed and love skating as much as she did. Slim spent countless weekend mornings with her friends and fellow teammates at El Pomar skate park, working on skills, offering advice, and creating lifelong bonds. Off-skates, Slim was known for her snapback hats, involvement in politics, quick sense of humor, and love of bread. If someone was in need of a friend, Slim was there.

Our league was hit hard with the loss of Slim. She is so important to so many people, and many were just getting the opportunity to know her. Her light will never leave us and she will never be forgotten.

PPDD Member Memories of Slim

“Slim was exceptional all around. She was determined, agile, and dedicated. She was a positive soul and made everyone smile! I remember when I first saw Slim at the bootcamp meeting. She was so excited to be there and I thought to myself, I can’t wait to skate with her! And that is what I got to do. I was so fortunate to skate with Slim and hope to make her proud.”

"Skate on Slim" by Lando Collision
“Skate on Slim” by Lando Collision

“Anyone you ask who knew Slim will describe her with the same words: passionate, intelligent, funny, hard working, dependable. The list could go on and on. No matter how you choose to describe Slim, she was ultimately a positive influence on all of our lives. She would encourage you to be your best self on and off the track. If you fell, Slim would make some comment and you’d both end up laughing at yourself. She was always the first to laugh at herself whenever she fell, and she would get up and work even harder than before.”

“I think the reason everyone describes Slim the same is because she was always the same human. Consistent. She was unapologetically herself, and seemed to embrace it wholeheartedly.”

“When we lost Slim, the world definitely became darker for a moment. But because of her every single person who was touched by Slim’s light is now determined to shine their own brighter. We are determined to step up for her, and live lives she would be proud of. Even in death, Slim influences us to be the best we can be.”

“Slim was so amazing to be around both on and off the track. Her smile could light up a room and seeing her always made my day that much better. She was an incredible person and an incredible teammate, and I know she is loved and missed by so many. Love you Slim Skatey”

“Slim was one of the most selfless people and beautiful souls. She went out of her way any time a friend needed her, and I’m so blessed to have known her.”

Featured Skater: Truckstop Trixie

Featured Skater - Truckstop Trixie #512

Name: Truckstop Trixie #512
Team: All-Stars, Candy Snipers

How did you start skating?
I had just opened my own restaurant on 6th street in Austin Texas and was handing out menus and flyers to local bars when I ran into some bad ass women that played derby. They told me to come tryout and I thought “no way! I’m way to tiny for that!”. I opened that door anyways and brought my sonic sketcher skates with me, they weighed a ton! I Made it! I started skating with TXRD (the original banked track!) in 2007 and then made the change to WFTDA in 2014 when we moved to Germany. This pure bred Texan is now planting roots in Colorado and is happy and honored to be apart of PPDD!

What position do you prefer to play?
I’m a jammer! I love all positions though! One day I’d like to say I’m a PB&J (pivot, blocker, jammer)

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Featured Skater

Featured Skater: Salt N ‘UR Wound

Featured Skater

Name: Salt N ‘UR Wound #248
Team: Slamazons, Danger Dolls

How did you start skating?
As a kid at the roller rink with the elementary/middle school parties. I originally preferred inlines. I was “forced” to use quads when they didn’t have my size rentals one night at the rink. I saw my first bout in 2012 with Detroit Roller Derby (back then they were Detroit Derby Girls). I started skating with a small rec league Eastside Derby Girls. Then I moved to Rochester NY. I did 3 boot camps between 2012-2014 with Roc City Roller Derby and quit every time for various reasons. April 2015 rolled around and I had recently been dumped and decided to give roller derby another shot with Roc City and I haven’t looked back since. I moved to Colorado Springs at the end of June 2019- and wanted to keep playing derby so I found the Dames!

What position do you prefer to play?
Primarily blocker, but I will volunteer to do all the things.

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24K Solid COLD

Featured Skater: Solid Cold #999

Featured Skater: Solid Cold
Photo by Luc MacArthur Photography

Team: Danger Dolls and Slamazons

How did you start skating?
I started skating in the early 70s. Skating and skateboarding were probably my favorite thing. And as I got older the roller rink was The Place to Hang Out. All the cool kids were doing it.

What position do you prefer to play?
I prefer to play defensive blocker. I can be hard to move when my mind and legs cooperate.

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