Featured Skater: Truckstop Trixie

Featured Skater - Truckstop Trixie #512

Name: Truckstop Trixie #512
Team: All-Stars, Candy Snipers

How did you start skating?
I had just opened my own restaurant on 6th street in Austin Texas and was handing out menus and flyers to local bars when I ran into some bad ass women that played derby. They told me to come tryout and I thought “no way! I’m way to tiny for that!”. I opened that door anyways and brought my sonic sketcher skates with me, they weighed a ton! I Made it! I started skating with TXRD (the original banked track!) in 2007 and then made the change to WFTDA in 2014 when we moved to Germany. This pure bred Texan is now planting roots in Colorado and is happy and honored to be apart of PPDD!

What position do you prefer to play?
I’m a jammer! I love all positions though! One day I’d like to say I’m a PB&J (pivot, blocker, jammer)

What do you do off the track?
I’m a nanny, a wife and a mother of two.

What keeps you coming back in spite of the craziness that comes between you and derby?

The skaters! The competition! It keeps me healthy and I make better choices because of it. Roller Derby brings out the best in me and is apart of who I am.

Any memorable injuries from skating?
I once broke a 2×4 (the rail of the banked track) with my face and got some broken fragments in my chin. I’ve also gotten a twisted ankle and a jammed thumb. I’d say I’ve been pretty lucky (knocks on wood).