Support for Kristen Parker (#13) and Her Family

Kristen Parker, or Parker to those of us in her Derby Family, was involved in a serious car accident on February 9, 2023. She sustained major injuries and faces a long road to recovery. Parker is such a fighter and an amazing person to be around. She inspires every person she comes in contact with and is an invaluable member of our league and derby family. While she’s recovering, she and her family could really use your support.

Not much is known yet about what her recovery will look like, but doctors are being positive. Right now, the important thing is taking as much concern off of her family as possible so they can be with her and each other. This GoFundMe is meant to help with everyday living expenses such as mortgage payments, food, gas to and from the hospital, and anything else they need right now.

Please join us in helping our derby sister and her loved ones during this difficult time.